This shows the Stoner Electric Group logo, which is an S in a circle and two shades of blue

Stoner Electric Group

  • Identity & Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • Print Design
  • Consulting
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Employee Portal
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Memberships

The Stoner Electric Group is a successful company with over 300 employees spanning five divisions. With clients like Facebook, Nike, Apple and others, Stoner Electric wanted a website that reflected the class of service and quality of work they provide on a daily basis.

Working closely with the management team, we discovered the company not only needed a web presence that would accurately reflect their image and work ethic, but also serve the many employees, clients, subcontractors and vendors that they depended on. This required a special login area for employees and a separate login for partners.

After the site architecture (site map) was decided on, we designed wire frames of the site to show intended flow of information on each page. By including this step, we can analyze what information should be presented and when, without being distracted by site colors and photography.

Once we decided on site colors and created design mockups of the site, we detailed the photography needed. Working closely with the photography team, we shot all of the necessary photography with minimal disruption of the workflow, including it in the mockups for final approval.

After launch of the site in February 2017, the Stoner Electric Group is continued to receive positive feedback on their new online presence.

In 2020, the Stoner brand of 50 years was retired. Pure Media was hired to create a new brand to properly identify the expertise and quality of the company. After research and discovery, and presenting several options and revisions, we created an identity the Stoner team is proud of.