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Willamette Valley Sealcoating

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Willamette Valley Sealcoating was a relatively young company when they approached us about developing a brand, stationery and website. The owners of WVS were well acquainted with the value of professional branding and website design. After gaining experience in another state, WVS needed branding and a website that translated their experience, knowledge, and quality of service to potential clients in a tough market with well-established competition.

We worked closely with the owners to establish a marketing strategy that offered resources and information to new and existing clients in the area of asphalt and seal coating. We carried this theme throughout WVS's promotional brochures and website resulting in an immediate return on WVS's marketing investment.

The new logo is the next stage in development for WVS. No longer just a sealcoating company, WVS now offers asphalt paving and a full line of striping and painting services.